Eric Holt  Born  1944 - 1997


1944  Born Sutton, Surrey

1957-59 Attended Sutton East School (special art course)

1959-62 Studied Epsom School of art

1962-72  After a few months at Wimbledon School of Art he left and became a groundsman on a caravan site;. Following this he was a van driver and then a factory worker; he also worked in a civil engineering firm digging tunnels etc.  He became redundant and took a job making furniture in the Portobello studios.  From there he moved on to antique restoration.  During this period he only managed to complete approximately two paintings a year.

1969-78 Lived and worked in Purley.

1978  Moved to the country and bought a cottage near Sandringham, Norfolk where he lived with his wife and two children

1997  After a short illness he died of cancer after completing his last painting.


1972  Ist one-man show Maltzahn Gallery,London

1974 2nd one man show Maltzahn Gallery

1971-92  Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions

1977 3rd one-man show Piccadilly Gallery

1980 4th one-man show Piccadilly Gallery

1980  Tolly Cobbold-Eastern Arts 3rd National Exhibition

1982 "The World of Newspaper" ,Sothebys, London W1, (prizewinner)

1983  5th one-man show Piccadilly Gallery

1985  Tolly Cobbold-Eastern Arts 5th national exhibition

1985  Prizewinner Royal Academy Annual Christmas Card Competition

1987  6th one-man show Piccadilly Gallery

1992-3 7th one-man show Piccadilly Gallery

Wasps and Fools

Size: 79 x 57 cms (31 x 22.5 ins)
Type: oil on panel
Prices: : 12500 : 18125 : 16250
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Oedipus and the Fates 1987/8

Size: 103 x 70 cms ( 40 x 28 ins )
Type: egg tempera on panel
Prices: : 18000 : 26100 : 23400

This extraordinary artist who died young was one of three brothers who were all painters.  He created a small number of paintings all in egg tempera, each one painstakingly executed which would take him a very long time.  His subject matter was sometimes religious though set in a contemporary context, sometimes political and in this case mythological.

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Bishops and Politicians

Size: 61 x 46 cms ( 24 x 18 ins )
Type: egg tempera on panel
Prices: : 10000 : 14500 : 13000
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