Andrew George studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1970 until 1974.

Since then he has deservedly achieved a reputation for producing fine landscape paintings. He paints using egg tempera, a technique that dates back to the middle ages. This medium allows Andrew to gradually apply small amounts of pigment building up layers with fine brush strokes over a traditional gesso ground. Working in egg tempera Andrew produces paintings of rare luminosity.

Andrew George is inspired by the landscape around his home in Somerset also the Dorset coastline and the majestic hills of Scotland.

Talking about his work Andrew says: Andrew says: “Quite often I use a number of different viewpoints in a painting. I like to lift the viewer so that they are hovering above the ground ready to float into the landscape. Paintings start with broad washes that are gradually refined with smaller and smaller marks.”

A number of Scottish painters have had a strong influence on his paintings. In addition he has also been particularly influenced by two American painters – Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, but the style of his paintings is very his own. He successfully captures the landscape creating both atmosphere and the sense of time and place.


Linn O Dee

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Size: 79 x 58 cms
Type: egg tempera on panel
Price : £3950