Born in Edinburgh Whyn Lewis is perhaps best known for her uniquely observed paintings of whippets. Whyn graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1995 and has since had six solo shows in the UK.

Whyn Lewis has won several awards including five from the Royal Scottish Academy. Whyn’s paintings feature particular animals depicted against backgrounds of a single colour which is built up of many layers of paint.  She uses the shapes and symbolism of the animals as narrative sometimes introducing clues in the form of small trinkets and jewel-like objects hanging from the subjects’ collars.

Whyn’s work has been shown in Scotland, England and the U.S.A. Her paintings are constantly evolving and now her subject matter has broadened to include animals other than dogs – deer, a field mouse, magpies.

Whyn Lewis’ paintings are beautifully executed in jewel- like colours, she often uses lapis lazuli paint, but also the works say much about the human condition and our relationships with one another. Solo Shows:

1997 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
1999 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2001 Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2002 Portal Gallery, London.
2005 Portal Gallery, London.
2007 Portal Gallery, London.
2009 Portal Gallery, London

2012 Five Scottish Painters, Portal Painters, London

 Other Shows:

2009 March- October “Inspired” – celebration of Robert Burns as part of Homecoming Scotland at the Michell Library, Glasgow

March 2010 Portal Painters Inaugural Exhibition at the Arts Club, Dover St, London.October 2010 Scottish Portal Painters, at the Arts Club, Dover st, London.

Group show including Heather Nevay, James McNaught, Peter Thomson.

Whyn continues to exhibit with Portal Painters at The London Art Fair in January, the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea in March and at the London Art Fair at The Saatchi Gallery in September.

Whyn’s paintings have been used for the covers of two CDs, the first in 2004 for a Piano Magic Ep – “Saint Marie”, and then in 2005 when her Mother – Vashti Bunyan released her first album in 35 years  “Lookaftering” and Whyn’s painting ‘Run’ was used on the cover. Vashti Bunyan’s latest Album ‘Heartleap’ (October 2014) features Whyn’s painting ‘Hart’s Leap’.

A Singular Vision – fifty years of British Painting at the Portal Gallery
Family – Photographs by Lauren Dukoff.



The Bird

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Size: 9 x 7 cms ( unframed)
Type: oil on panel
Price : £1200